Grand Master (GM) - The Final Cuntdown

President. This person runs the Circle at the end of the Hash. The person is responsible for calling mismanagement meetings when needed and staying informed with all other mismanagement positions. This person usually is a seasoned person with the Richmond Hash (in the past, the one with the most Richmond Hashes and wants to serve as GM). This person can make any rules and/or traditions with regards to the Hash. This person is not responsible for buying any items for any Hashers. If the person so chooses, he can take over the weekly e-mailing of information. Remember - The GM is always Right!

Joint Master (JM) - A Whole New Hole

Vice President. This person runs the Circle if the GM is not there. This person pours the beer (or finds someone to pour the beer, i.e. Beer Wench) and backs up the GM in any means the GM needs or wants. In the past, this person was in line to become GM, so served as Vice President first to get some practice. As such, this person was usually a seasoned Hasher as well.

Religious Advisor (RA) - Nocturnal Mission

This person is third in command when it comes to running the Circle. He also helps the GM in anyway necessary, as the GM wants, and can help with Virgins, Namings, the Religious items like the Hashit and FRB item. This person traditionally had "taught" Hashers about the Richmond Hash way and serves as a Song Meister in teaching/starting songs at the Beer Checks.

Trail Master - Choo Choo Cabra

This person is in charge of getting a Hare each week. If no Hare is found, the person must buy flour to do a lottery Hash or set Trail on their own. That is it. Note: It is the Hare's responsibility each week to determine the proper location and give good DETAILED directions to the Start and the PRE-DETERMINED ON AFTER. Directions should be from a major highway (I-95 and I-64) and it is always good to include miles to next marker or turn and how many lights one must pass through, for instance. All this information should be given to the person doing the e-mail notification, the Cyber Sex, and the On Sex, AT LEAST a week in advance.

Cyber Sex

This person or people keep the website updated. It should have the information on the next Hash hopefully A WEEK before the Hash. The website contains pictures and information about other Hashes and events that are going outside Richmond. Songs are also on the website for people to learn and sing at the Hash.

On Sex

Secretary. The person or people take notes at mismanagement meetings. They also do a write up of the Hash each week (any form and length they want) and pass it along to the e-mail person. If a weekly newsletter is passed out at the Hash, hopefully the upcoming Hare has passed on information and directions which can be included. This person can do an annual year book (called Rear In Your View in the past) if they so choose.

Hash Cash - My Fuck It List is Done, Pickle Puss

Treasurer. This person collects money at the Hash and pays the Beer Meister and Haberdashers when presented with a receipt. Also in control of Anal Memberships, if mismanagement decides on them, and keeping track of who has them and when they expire.

Haberdashery - Who's Your Daaaaaady

Hash store. This person or people are in charge of getting items the Hash or mismanagement has approved to purchase, such as shirts, shorts, stickers, etc. They can either buy the items themselves and get reimbursed by Hash Cash or get the Hash Cash to pay for it, once they have done the artwork, found a vendor, etc. Haberdashery items should be brought each week to the Hash so they can be sold to visitors, virgins, and Hashers. It is also good if they go, or find someone who is going, to events out of Richmond to take the items to sell. Haberdashery is usually a good means to make some money for the Hash.

Beer Meister

Hash bar. This person or people buys beer, ice, trash bags, and cups for each week at the Hash. Richmond has been known for good beer (we have sort of adopted Yuengling as the Richmond Beer), so both good beer and cheap down down beer is advisable. Usually what is needed each week are 2 cases of beer, some water, and ice. (about $40) Bottled beer is dangerous and extra weight, so is not needed. This person gets reimbursed from the Hash Cash.

Song Meister

Should have a song available when asked by the GM or RA. Teaches songs to new hashers, forces the old to remember songs. RH3's RA was the Song Meister for many years. Half-minds decided that was too much r*sponsibility for one wanker and began recognizing the lyrical abilities and knowledge another half-mind could contribute.

Hash Flash - Nocturnal Mission

No, not the naked one on trail every week. Though we have that too. Keeper of the hash camera and the documenting of our adventures and debauchery. After all, we can't be expected to remember all the things we do on trail! Posts pics to Meetup and Facebook each week after trail.

Grand Master Emerita - Late Cummer

This will always go to Late Cummer, the founder of the Richmond Hash beginning in October 1992. She gets to sit back and enjoy watching the Richmond Hash do our thing.

Trail Master Emeritus - I-Feel Tower

This will always go to I-Feel Tower who was our Trail Master for four years. He took this position to a new level and forced us to have shiggy at times by creating The Medley of Mud. We miss your cigars on Trail.