I'm a hare wanting to get my trail information posted/updated.

Contact our Trail Master She Likes It In The Benjamin.

But wait, my trail is a Titanic Memorial Full Moon H3 trail!

Contact the Titanic Memorial Full Moon GM/Trail Master/Everything First Eye Blind & Turd Gear.

I would like to get an event hosted by another kennel listed on the events page.

Contact our Cyber Sex Projection Erection.

I see something that needs fixed/updating on the website.

Contact our Cyber Sex Projection Erection.

This sounds too good to be true, how do I get more information?

Contact the GM and JM The Final Cuntdown and Half A Liter From The Peter.

How do I prove to my friends that this wasn't all a dream?

Well, you could totally talk to our person in charge of habby, Filthy Tub Blood, to see what we have in stock to buy.

I heard something about a kennel in the RVA, but it wasn't RH3, BIBH3 or TMFMH3, where do I get more info on that?

Ah, you must be looking for POHO, you can check out the POHO H3 website.