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Medley of Mud # 1 - Deep Bottom Remembers...

Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:00 PM
40 wankers RSVP'd

Deep Bottom Park
9525 Deep Bottom Road
Henrico, VA

Medley of Mud # 1 - Deep Bottom Remembers...

You mortal wretch;
Your stench corrupted my air,
Your filth besmirched my lair.
You gormless oaf;
You will not escape my terrors this year.

Gaily you came;
Traipsing and trouncing my herbiage,
Frolicking cross my creek's edge.
Sweet scent of slough;
Mired by your foul fume of garbage.

This year you'll pay;
Your groans will turn to cries,
Your anguish will fill the skies.
You will submit;
You will bow your brow and beg to die.

Die you will not;
Trapped in mucilaginous muck,
Atoning the sins you struck.
I remember;
Deep Bottom declares vengeance on all you fucks!





Hares: Banana, Tuna, & TITS

Where: Deep Bottom Swamp

When: Saturday, June 11 @ 3pm

Why: Because you're a brave fool..

Shiggy: It's a fucking Medley, bro!

Bring: life vest (if you can't swim), bug repellant, sunscreen, extra hydration (if you think you might die doh), EpiPen (if you think you might die doh!), shiggy socks, dry bag (with like two sets of changing clothes and shoes..), $5 hash cash (only five bucks?!!), VIRGINS (!), sense of humor, thrill for adventure, two extra livers, and whatever the fuck else I couldn't think of!

Medley of Mud # 2 - Wreck The Dress

Sat Jul 9, 2016 3:00 PM
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White Bank Park
400 White Bank Rd
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

21 & TFC are tying the knot!!!  And there was much rejoicing!!!  Yeeeaaahhh...

As most of you know, it is a tradition in the hash that when a couple ties the knot a White Dress Run may be held.  But a White Dress Run really isn’t us.  Clean clothes, all dressed up, prim, proper, probably pavement (shudder)….  No, not so much.  ;)

A “Wreck The Dress” run though, now that sounds like us.  So we welcome all you wankers, come join us out in the glorious swamp we have found for Medley #2.  Join us in a lovely dress that doesn’t absorb water (seriously!) and accept our gift of Medley of Mud #2: Wreck The Dress, July 9th, 2016!  Pictures, shenanigans and even a cake to share with our wonderfully insane friends.

Medley of Mud #2 - Wreck The Dress!

Shiggy:  We broke the shiggy scale last year gang.

Distance: 3ish miles

Celebration Gear:  Wear a dress!  Any dress will do, but remember we’re going to find the sharpest thorns, the suckiest mud, the stinkiest bogs to drag you through.  So no dresses that are going to absorb a couple gallons of water and drag you down to sleep with the fishes.  Head to Goodwill and grab something off the rack and put in on your rack as we drag you through the shiggy in all your finery.  Before and after pictures are going to be amazing!

What To Bring:  A dress!  $5 hash cash, virgins, tecnu, bug spray, serious sense of humor, change of clothes (but don’t change until we get a picture!!), floaties if you can’t swim, band aids, sutures, and all the normal Medley combat gear.

Shiggy-phobes:  For those of you who are shiggy-phobic, we are at a boat / kayak launch point.  Bring your kayaks and come hang out on the river while the rest of the wankers crawl through the shit we have found for them this year.  You will still be expected to wear a dress and at least dip yourself in the river.  ;)

After:  Cake to be shared with the gang, some hashy vows to be exchanged, and all the shenanigans you’ve come to expect from RH3 and 21 & TFC in general.

On-After:  Banditos!  No cover charge.  Food and booze.  Dancing starts at 9pm.

On-On-After:  We have 11 Boners in town who are staying at 21 & TFC's hash house.  We are continuing the party at the house and having a fence moving party on top of it.  And maybe even a midnight pickup trail if anybody can see straight or stand up straight.  Plus it's the BONERS!!!!

Medley of Mud # 3 - Tower

Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:00 PM
35 wankers RSVP'd

Anthony's Italian Restaurant
4000 Mechanicsville Tpke
Richmond, VA 23222

We're going back to some new areas of the old Chickahominy! Arguably the World's most impassable swamp. After all, it kept McClelland out of Richmond for 2 years before he gave up. You probably see some of Lee's earth defenses along the way. We're bringing a guest hare along (Fartemis Foul, I-Feel Tower's son).

Limited Give Away: I have 22 special edition Medley Hash Welcomes The Trash patches from 2012. See photo. I will give these to any bibbed Trashers, first. Then, I'll give them to Richmonders showing the most blood (in that order) until they are gone. When: August 20 at 1PM
Where: Anthony's Pizza at 4000 Mechanicsville Tnpk
Who: I-Feel Tower, Ass Juices, Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap! and Fartemis Foul
Bring: $5, more money for pizza and beer, a vessel and a dry bag

Award: If you haven't heard or haven't attended a Medley during our lucky 13th year, you'll be pleased to find out that you can receive this patch as an award for survival! Cheers from I-Feel Tower ***check the photo section to see the patch***

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