Richmond Hash House Harriers

We are the Richmond kennel of the Hash House Harriers. We run, we drink, we have good times. There are many other kennels and hash sites to learn more. We run weekly, typically Wednesdays at 6:30pm during the summer months and Sundays at 3:00pm over the winter where it gets dark earlier. Our next event is listed on-below. See our hareline to see what we have currently scheduled. Make sure to check out our big events. If you've joined us on trail or are a hasher visiting from another kennel, feel free to join our Meetup to get the info hot off the press.

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Temp = 79°F
Humid = 42%
Precip = 3%
9/4 3:00 pm

RH3 # 1171 - Wizzer of Oz!

Sun Sep 4, 2016 3:00 PM
18 wankers RSVP'd

Virginia Urology
9105 Stony Point Drive
Richmond, VA 23235

RH3 Trail #1171: Wizzer of Oz!

Hares: TFC, Fuck It List, Flute Loop

Hare Notes: Get ready to follow the yellow brick road! We’re off to see the Wizzer in this wonderful adventure through the land of Oz. Over the hills, through the poppy fields, lick out a lollipop person, down into the haunted forest and up into the ruins of Emerald City of beer and alcoholic delights. So come on our in your Ozish finery (it will be able to survive trail, no swimming despite it being TFC). Prize for best costume, or at least the one that makes us laugh the hardest.

And just like the rare sight of a tornado in RVA, the sight of Oz’s Emerald Wand may be seen (and promptly renamed) this trail!

Bring: $5 hash cash, headlamps, whistle, vessel for circle, virgins, straw hats, oil for lube, courage for shiggy, and a constant wishing you had never left camp.  Dress up as a character from Wizard of Oz, Wicked, etc.  

Trail Start:Virginia Urology, 9105 Stony Point Dr, Richmond, VA 23235
Shiggy Level: 3ish
Trail Length: 3.69

Dogs: Yes (if adventurous or dressed up at Toto)
Horrors / Strollers: No

On-After: Rock Falls Tavern


BIBH3 #28 – RH3 Ruby's Rubix Cube Part II : Ruby's Revenge

Date Wed Sep 7, 2016
Time 6:30 PM
RSVP'd 12

Hash Social #25 - BEER MILE!!!

Date Sat Sep 10, 2016
Time 5:00 PM
RSVP'd 11

RH3 # 1172 - FOS and shampoo

Date Sun Sep 11, 2016
Time 3:00 PM
RSVP'd 6

Titanic Memorial Full Moon H3 Trail No. 177: Saran Dipity

Date Thu Sep 15, 2016
Time 6:30 PM
RSVP'd 4

Travel Hash: Virginia Interhash XXIII

Date Fri Sep 16, 2016
Time 4:00 PM
RSVP'd 24

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